Hi, I'm Charla.

Founder and designer of some of the most beloved and luxurious skincare products you’ve probably not yet heard of. The journey to getting here has been truly remarkable—including its odyssey moments—and I am grateful. Please join me on what continues to be the kind of journey that makes my soul sit back and wonder how I got over.

It started with a creative impulse to reimagine eu2be, my award-winning skincare brand two years ago, and what followed has been an excavation process with both uncertainty and confidence.

These uncertain times we are living in have been beset by unprecedented supply chain woes resulting in delays to our repackaging ambitions.

In the meantime, we have a limited supply in stock, and you can still shop your favorite eu2be products on our legacy website—but please excuse our temporary awkwardness.

The good news is that things are finally moving forward. Your patience and support are greatly appreciated, as an exciting new journey awaits:

  • An artful philosophy from our very beginnings has culminated in eu2be’s lead corporate sponsorship of the Institute of Contemporary Art, ICA Boston’s commission of acclaimed artist Simone Leigh’s exhibition at the 59th Venice Biennale US Pavilion. Leigh is the first African American woman to receive the honor in the Biennale’s 125-year history.

  • Rare skincare treasures comprised of proprietary blends of formidably rich natural carrier oils in our new, reimagined packaging.

  • Real experiences, people, and stories that illuminate the necessity of beauty and wellness in our lives.

It’s not that the world needs more skincare products. It’s just that we live in a culture in which appearances not only dominate perception but assign intrinsic value to what is being seen.

Skin is the grand theater of the almighty gaze. So if you’re curious about how to get healthy skin that glimmers with lasting beauty—no matter its age, lines, spots, or marks—join the journey.

With gratitude,